Sign up for the Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale


The goal of Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale Day is to give Hill citizens a day to rally around to get rid of some junk, do some recycling and meet neighbors.

Here's how to participate:
  • Fill out the form to tell us about your June 13th sale.
  • We'll compile a list and create a map to let everybody know where to shop.
  • We'll have a community location to host sales for apartment dwellers, etc. Details to come.
  • Clean out your closets.
  • Have a fun sale, meet your neighbors, take pictures.
It's that easy.


Cheeves said...

What's the latest? How many people have signed up so far?

Char said...

The flickr page says the sale is on the 14th! Is it on the 13th or 14th or both?


j said...

June 13th 2009

Char said...

Hi J,

In addition to tagging our flickr pictures with "capitolhillgaragesale" I'm also using "capitolhillgaragesale09" since the former brings up stuff from last year.

Thanks for organizing this!

melinda said...

I registered but don't know if my gmap link copied- do you send out confirmations? I want to make sure I'm in! 1126 14th Ave, Unit G- we're moving and have lots of good, useful, valuable furniture, appliances, etc.
when can we see the map?

j said...

Working on the map now. Will also send out more confirmation mails if you haven't received anything yet and are wondering. We'll contact anybody with issues in their registration. Thanks!

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