Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2015 is August 9th!


We're back... again!. Please consider rallying around the date for your own sale anywhere on the Hill -- or sign up for a $20 community space to join us in our brand new space in CAL ANDERSON PARK!!! REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 5th!

We're again working with the Cal Anderson Park Alliance to make Garage Sale Day a great event to benefit CAPA and its efforts to activate Cal Anderson Park year-round.

The goal of Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale Day is to give Hill citizens a day to rally around to get rid of some junk, do some recycling and meet neighbors.

Here's how to participate:

  • Fill out the form to tell us about your August 9th, 2015 sale.
  • We'll compile a list and create a map to let everybody know where to shop.
  • We'll have a community location to host sales for apartment dwellers, etc. at Cal Anderson.
  • We'll confirm your registration and send you payment info if you're signing up for a Cal Anderson table
  • Clean out your closets.
  • Have a fun sale, meet your neighbors, take pictures.
It's that easy.


Kathy said...

Hi! Filled out the form for a table at Cal Anderson and haven't gotten a reply. Just wanted to check in since we really want it! (Maybe I typed the email wrong?)

Anyway, I'm

Monica Dreher said...

Filled out form and still not on map and list for garage sale.

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