Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2016 is August 14th!

Please consider rallying around the date for your own sale anywhere on the Hill -- or sign up for a $20 community space to join us in CAL ANDERSON PARK!!! REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 5th!

We're again working with the Cal Anderson Park Alliance to make Garage Sale Day a great event to benefit CAPA and its efforts to activate Cal Anderson Park year-round. 

The goal of Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale Day is to give Hill citizens a day to rally around to get rid of some junk, do some recycling and meet neighbors.

Here's how to participate:

  • Fill out the form to tell us about your August 14th, 2016 sale.
  • We'll compile a list and create a map to let everybody know where to shop.
  • We'll have a community location to host sales for apartment dwellers, etc. at Cal Anderson.
  • We'll confirm your registration and send you payment info if you're signing up for a Cal Anderson table
  • Clean out your closets.
  • Have a fun sale, meet your neighbors, take pictures.
It's that easy.


Kathy said...

I signed up (or thought I did!) for a Cal Anderson table the other week and haven't heard anything since. Did my request not go through? Thanks!

j said...

We'll be in touch soon with registrants for this year. Thanks!

melinda said...

I signed up last Monday & haven't gotten a confirmation - please do!

Feiya Wang said...

I'm worried I might have accidentally deleted the email asking for the $20 payment, have those been sent out?

Unknown said...

I was out of town until late late night, is there any way to participate in the community space? I just filled out my form

me said...

I am also a latecomer, can I still get a $20 space? I just filled out form today (8/11/16)

Thanks much

Lakshmi Priya said...

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